Contract Wars Hack and Cheats Tool for Android/iOS

Contract Wars Hack

Hello. My name is John and today I want to show you our newest application, Contract Wars Hack. Thanks to our awesome our team, we finally finished the application which let you to hack this game. Let’s talk a bit more about this software. Thanks to a hidden “blackdoor” founded into game, we could connect our hack to their database. This means that you can generate unlimited credits, SP and GP. without any problems. Now you can easy get to the leaderboard without wasting you time for that. Thanks to our awesome Facebook security script (SSLCWQ) you can login with your facebook account and generate directly to your account all the resources you need. And now, let’s talk a bit about our security system.

Thanks to our high-skilled team, we could make perfect security for our visitors. Now you can generate unlimited OP, unlimited SP and unlimited credits without getting ban or even worst, get ban on facebook. Just select your browser and connect your facebook account. That’s all what you need and you will get ultimate security from our Contract Wars Hack. Thanks to our anti-ban protection, then GM or any game dev will want to ban your account, they won’t be able to do that, because we will have full access to their database, and thanks to that, then they will try to ban you, they won’t be able to change database so you won’t get ban.


  • OP Generator.
  • SP Generator.
  • Credits Generator.
  • Anti-Ban Protection.
  • Proxy Protection.
  • Facebook login protection.

How To Use:

  1. Unarhive CWH.exe
  2. Select your browser and press Connect with Facebook.
  3. Select features you want to use and insert amount of OP, SP and Credits.
  4. Press Start and wait until hack will generate you the resources.